About QC

About QuayCrafts

QuayCrafts was formed 1986 by a group of artist makers on the Isle of Wight and was originally based at the Quay Arts Centre, Newport.

The purpose of QuayCrafts is to provide it’s members with mutual support and to encourage the production of high quality art, design and craftsmanship. The group meets monthly to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences. They exhibit together regularly, showing new original work at each event.

We are always keen to expand our audience and have embarked on a number of projects in cooperation with other groups and organisations, some have resulted in exhibitions at venues not usually associated with art exhibitions. These collaborative projects present our members with a fabulous opportunity to develop more challenging and adventurous artwork for a wide and more diverse public.

QuayCrafts currently has 9 members working in variety of crafts, using a wide range of skills, processes and techniques. One of the strengths of QuayCrafts is its diversity.There is a common bond of dedication to produce high quality creative work, and a desire to develop our individual professional practice.