Chris Lines

Chris Lines’ training was in Fine Art painting and sculpture and she has practised in the field of Art and Art Education her whole working life. Her work has diversified to include costume design for performance, large-scale processional puppets, sculptural textiles and community arts projects. Chris has specialized in the textile medium of felt, which has both art and craft applications and is intrinsically connected to the land through the use of sheep’s wool as a primary material. More recently she has expanded the range of media she uses to include painting and photographic processes.
Chris Lines’ work explores themes of the effect of human presence in a place. In some works the human is visibly present through the imagery, creating a sense of narrative; in others the human is absent but has affected what remains, be it an interior space or a landscape where humans have made their mark. The work evokes a sense of mystery and depth. She is interested in using abstract qualities as metaphors for meaning and the way in which the viewer is guided towards their own interpretation and drawn to what lies beneath the surface. Chris has developed her own processes and techniques in order to realise her ideas, ranging from the dyeing of fibre to the painting and printing of translucent fabrics, to build up a palette of colour, texture and marks.