Lindsay Taylor

Taking the abundant beauty and untamed, intricate shapes of the natural world as my inspiration, I work predominantly in three dimensions, weaving and winding hand-dyed natural fabrics into organic forms. My studio is located at the edge of a large forest on the Isle of Wight, an ideal environment for any artist fascinated by the native plants and flora that inhabit Britain’s woodland and rural landscapes. Here my textile work takes shape. Associations weave together – wild flowers, clambering plants, the dappled forest floor where the faeries of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream might skip and dance, enchantment that makes large the world of the small, and transforms the ordinary into unexpected objects to delight and amaze.

A common weed becomes a beautiful handbag, a familiar flower turns teacup, dried autumnal leaves shape themselves around and into a fabulous shoe. To work these transformations I use a variety of techniques. These include: freehand machine embroidery, traditional hand embroidery, painting, dyeing, quilting, moulding, felting, sculpting, beading, trapunto, wiring and appliqué. My materials are chosen carefully for their texture, credibility and aesthetic appeal. Like any creative venture that takes the natural world as its cue, my work is ever-evolving. My interest in three-dimensional forms has prompted me to extend my skills and seek out and explore new techniques and materials. As an artist, each day presents me with new and wonderful creative adventures when I ask: “What will I make today?” Limited only by my imagination, there appear to be only limitless possibilities!