Mary Flynn

The use of recycled and salvaged material is a recurring theme in Mary Flynn’s practice. Much of her work is made from found objects and fabric salvaged from the shore.
Initially her passion for the natural world and a love of anything aged, either by the elements, or use, was the main source for her work. This has lead to a growing awareness of the problem of marine pollution. Now she often creates work that combines art and conservation. Driven by a concern for the environment and a fascination for the way materials are distressed by the elements, yet still have echoes of a former existence she uses a process of selecting, salvaging, photographing, and archiving objects.

Mary has exhibited work to many different audiences in galleries across the UK and at events such as ‘Bestival’, ‘Rhythmtree’ the ‘Festival of the Sea’ and ‘The Knitting and Stitching Show’ raising awareness of marine pollution.

Being a member of the QuayCrafts group provides another focus for her creative work and the opportunity to develop work in response to diverse ideas.