Zoë Barker

Zoë is a photographer with a passion for using film who shoots on medium and large format cameras. Not only does she love the particular qualities of film but also finds the discipline it imposes suits her slow and meditative approach to her craft.

She tends to specialise in dated or run-down interiors, focusing on the everyday details that are so often over-looked. She seeks out the ‘extraordinary in the ordinary,’ believing if you take the time to really look you can find beauty anywhere. It could be something as mundane as an old chair, a door handle, a scrap of wallpaper – the beauty is always in the details.

The stories behind many of Zoë’s images add an additional layer of resonance – she often shoots in locations that have been abandoned or are on the verge of major change, and there is a poignancy to these subjects that reminds us of the transience of things and the fragility of life.

She is also drawn to ‘Englishness’ – beach huts, village halls, the seaside – which makes the Isle of Wight a very inspiring place to live.

Zoë has exhibited in London, Bristol, Dorset and Devon as well as on the Isle of Wight. Her House of Two Sisters series won the Documentary Category in the British Life Photography Awards, 2015. She supplies images for the Millennium Picture Library and her work has appeared in a range of publications including Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, New Scientist, The Independent Magazine, Donmar Warehouse publicity and multiple book covers.